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2016-2017 School Year.


 August 18, 2016



EEISD School Supplies and Dress Code
Posted on 07/27/2016
Edcouch-Elsa ISD Registration
Posted on 07/19/2016
EEHS Registration Schedule
Posted on 07/19/2016
Latest District Promotional Video
Posted on 05/26/2016
Miss Castillo’s Kindergarten Class Practicing Addition!
Posted on 05/10/2016
Posted on 05/04/2016
Posted on 05/04/2016
Click link below to view video
Posted on 05/04/2016
Early College Applications
Posted on 04/26/2016
Power of Attorney Clinic
Posted on 04/26/2016
JRG: Mrs. Mosqueda Had Lesson On Bugs
Posted on 04/25/2016
Pac Meeting
Posted on 04/18/2016
Attention: EEISD Families
Posted on 04/16/2016
JRG: Sudents Learning the Number 6
Posted on 04/15/2016
JRG Early Childhood School Are Staying Healthy!
Posted on 04/14/2016
JRG: Language Arts Instruction With Miss Rivera’s
Posted on 04/14/2016
JRG: Century Club Readers & Top AR Readers
Posted on 04/13/2016
JRG: Miss S. Sanchez Kinder Class Read Sight Word Books
Posted on 04/13/2016
Prime Time Reading At JRG
Posted on 04/13/2016
Miss. Cantu's class traveled to Rancho El Charco
Posted on 04/07/2016
JRG Announces Mrs. Rodriguez Teacher Of The Year
Posted on 04/05/2016
JRG:Mrs. Perez’s Class Worked On Making Shadows
Posted on 04/04/2016
Art: Cubism and Kindergarten
Posted on 04/01/2016
Kindergarten students creating art work. 
JRG: Students Working Concept Applications
Posted on 04/01/2016
World Autism Awareness Day at JRG
Posted on 04/01/2016
JRG: Students Learn About The Ocean And Animals.
Posted on 03/31/2016
JRG Students Working on Subtraction
Posted on 03/29/2016
JRG: Why We Celebrate Veterans Day
Posted on 03/14/2016
JRG: Students Learn All About Texas
Posted on 03/09/2016
JRG: 4th Six Weeks Perfect Attendance Winners
Posted on 03/09/2016
JRG students worked on stamping beginning sounds
Posted on 03/07/2016
JRG: Mrs. Ysquierdo’s Class Work In Different Centers
Posted on 03/07/2016
JRG: Mrs. Jalomo room H6 go on a Nature Walk
Posted on 03/07/2016
David Ybarra NHS Students Visit JRG
Posted on 03/07/2016
JRG Students in F1 enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham
Posted on 03/03/2016

Archived News

End of Year AR Readers Celebration
Posted on 05/26/2016
JRG: G7 Mothers Day Program
Posted on 05/24/2016
JRG: G7 Mothers Day Program 
Congratulations JRG Super Star's
Posted on 05/23/2016
JRG: Mrs. Adame's Students Learn Fractions
Posted on 05/09/2016
Students Working With Reading Eggs
Posted on 05/03/2016
JRG: Students in G4 Learn To Recognize Money
Posted on 04/29/2016
JRG: Students Learn Subtraction
Posted on 03/08/2016
Read Across America Week at JRG
Posted on 03/03/2016
JRG Celebrates Dr. Seuss Birthday
Posted on 03/02/2016
JRG students work on Dr. Seuss Activities
Posted on 03/02/2016
J.R.G. Students Have Fun Learning Sight Words
Posted on 02/19/2016
JRG Students Learn about sequence of events
Posted on 02/17/2016
JRG students learning beginning sounds
Posted on 02/15/2016
J.R.G. Celebrates 100th Day of School
Posted on 02/05/2016
Students work on "The Three Little Kittens."
Posted on 02/01/2016
Kindergarteners Create Habitat Projects
Posted on 01/29/2016
3rd Six Wks Perfect Attendance Raffle Winners
Posted on 01/26/2016
Posted on 01/18/2016
3rd Six Weeks Staff Perfect Attendance
Posted on 01/08/2016
Mrs. Perez Students Learning Letter Nn
Posted on 12/17/2015
Mrs. Perez Teaches students the letter N
Posted on 12/17/2015
Mrs. Perez Teaches students the letter N 
Mr. Sabedra Teaches Three-Dimensional Figures
Posted on 12/08/2015
Mrs. Cantu has Students engaged in painting
Posted on 12/03/2015
Big Bash 2015
Posted on 11/18/2015
Thanksgiving at J.R.G.
Posted on 11/13/2015
Literacy Night at J.R.G.
Posted on 11/12/2015
Veteran's Day
Posted on 11/12/2015
2nd Six Weeks Perfect Attendance Dance
Posted on 11/10/2015
J.R.G. Recognizes thier Bosses!
Posted on 10/19/2015
Perfect Attendance Winners
Perfect Attendance Winners
Posted on 10/16/2015
Fire Prevention 2015
Posted on 10/09/2015
Breast Cancer Awareness At J.R.G.
Posted on 10/07/2015
Professional Staff Development
Posted on 09/30/2015
J.R.G. Staff 1st Weeks Perfect Attendance
Posted on 09/25/2015
Posted on 09/24/2015
Parent Meeting
Posted on 09/24/2015
J.R.G. Celebrates 16 de septimbre
Posted on 09/16/2015
J.R.G. Celebrates 16 de septimbre 
National Thank A Police Officer Day
Posted on 09/15/2015
College Day At J.R.G.
Posted on 09/10/2015
College Day At J.R.G.  
Meet the Teacher Night at J.R.G
Posted on 08/31/2015
J.R.G. Thanks H.E.B. for generous donation
Posted on 08/28/2015
J.R.G. Thanks H.E.B. for generous donation 
Welcome Mrs. Norma A. Hernandez
Posted on 08/11/2015
3rd Six Weeks Perfect Attendance Winners